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 Links for Parents :
Parenting After Divorceprovides a parenting class that meets the court-ordered parenting class requirement in all Colorado judicial districts
The Colorado Judicial Branchwebsite includes court locations and information, forms to file with the courts, mediation information, and court dockets
Family Support Registrythe state agency that oversees and processes child support payments
Meetwaysfinds the central point between two locations (to end arguments about where exchanges take place)
TalkingParentsa free communication resource for messages between parents that logs all communications and encourages respectful interactions
Our Family Wizarda subscription service that combines co-parenting calendars, financial management, and communications
Love and Logicproviders of parenting classes and evidence-based parenting education
Project Safeguardcounseling, support, and legal advocacy for victims of domestic abuse and violence
 Links for Adopting Families :
Adoption Choicesassists birth parents, children and adoptive families throughout Colorado
Co4KidsColorado’s non-profit portal for adoption and foster care
 Links for Supervised Parenting :
FamilyTreeHelps individuals and families break the generational cycles of child abuse, domestic violence, and homelessness. Serves children and adolescents in Adams County who have been abused or neglected and are not safe in their homes, as well as youth at risk of being removed from their homes due to behavioral problems.
Central Visitation Programsupervised parenting time and safe exchanges on a sliding fee scale for low-income families, with offices in Denver and Broomfield
Integrated Family ServicesAdoree Blair is an experienced private supervisor who works in the home and the community
SBMediationLLCScott Methling provides supervised parenting time and safe exchange services
SuperVisionprovides at-home, on-site, and off-site supervised parenting time and therapeutic parenting time
 Links for Legal Help :
Colorado Legal Servicesfree legal representation and advocacy
Justice and Mercy Legal Aid ClinicA nonprofit law clinic providing free legal representation
Center for Out-of-Court DivorceComprehensive transition support, including legal services, for divorcing families
Metro Volunteer Lawyerspro bono (donated) legal services