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This book will be an asset to your divorce journey, whether or not you decide to work with a lawyer.  It takes you step by step through the process of hiring a lawyer, and then through the divorce proceedings. The explanations regarding the division of property and how custody will be arranged are clear and concise. It’s a quick read, and it’s geared to normal people and the typical steps of a divorce.

Most people beginning the divorce process are scared to seek legal help.  They don’t know the process, and what they do know is based on dramatic stories. This fear of the unknown can limit their ability to get the help they need.  Additionally, the thought of spending hundreds and thousands of dollars when their financial future is at stake can be terrifying.

This book gets at why people should at least consult with a lawyer, and why it matters to have a strategy in place before diving into divorce.

“Divorces are emotional for you and the ones that love you. A third party that knows the court process will help temper down swift reactions. He can also draft your messages in a more neutral tone. He/She can convey positions that could be difficult to assume by you.”

If you’re looking to hire a lawyer, take a look at the list of sample questions to ask during a consultation. These questions will help you choose a lawyer based on “resources, experience, money, empathy, maturity and chemistry.”

One of my favorite features is in the appendix.  Cardelus provides templates for communication with your lawyer.  Whether you need to report a concern or clarify the facts of a situation, these templates help you communicate the necessary information in a way that’s easy for your lawyer to work with.  These are the kinds of practical tips that can make the process easier and more cost-effective.

There are also helpful sections that apply to international divorce and the negotiation process.

My only cautionary note is that this book, like most, generalizes a few areas that are actually specific to certain states but not others. You need to do your own research or talk to a local attorney to make sure that some of the recommendations apply to your situation.

This is a book I’ll be recommending to my clients to help them understand the divorce process, and to help us work together better.

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