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You and Your Lawyer: How to Help Your Lawyer

Family Attorney Lakewood: How to Help Your Lawyer

When you hire a lawyer, you take a lot of stress and work off your plate.  However, what you have left to do still has a huge effect on your case. How can you ensure that your lawyer can do the best possible job for you?

  • Keep her in the loop. This doesn’t mean she needs copies of every text message, but if something major happens, drop her a line so she‘s prepared for any consequences.
  • Keep up on homework. Generally when your lawyer asks for financial documents, lists of witnesses or other pieces of evidence and information, there is a deadline out there.  Resolve to provide documents back to your lawyer in a few days, and to have them as organized as possible.  This will save time (and fees) and give you more opportunity to be proactive rather than reactive.
  • Be honest. You are protected by confidentiality and the attorney-client privilege.  So tell your lawyer about any concerning issues or events up front.  You do not want to be in a position where he hears about an incident from the other side in court.
  • Engage your support system. Whether you are talking to your best friend or your therapist, emotional support will help you get through the court process.  Remember that your lawyer can support you through your court case, but should not be the only person helping you through this difficult time.
  • The reality of the court system is that you will always be limited in time and resources.  The more thought you put into what really matters to you, the more your lawyer can fight for you.

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